NYSC allowances in 26 states across Nigeria

In Nigeria, every year fresh graduates travel across the nation to different states in a scheme called National Youth Service Corps popularly called NYSC.

The NYSC scheme was an initiative of the Yakubu Gowon military regime in 1973 to reconstruct, reconcile and rebuild the country after the Nigerian Civil war.

While many Nigerians have called on successive governments to scrap the scheme as they say it has outlived its usefulness, many others have asked that the scheme should be retained.

After three weeks in the camps where they are taken through rigorous physical routine, the corp members are then posted to a place of primary assignment.

Apart from the uniform salary paid to youth corp members nationwide, state governments where the NYSC members are posted also give them some allowances.

In some states, the prices of the NYSC members differ based on their course of study, with medical corp members usually favoured.
NAIJ lists the allowances of NYSC members in 26 states across the federation.

1. Abia – N5,000
2. Akwa Ibom state – N10,000
3. Bauchi – N1,250
4. Bayelsa – N3,000
5. Borno – N1,000
6. Cross River – N3,090
7. Delta – N5,000
8. Ebonyi – N15,000
9. Ekiti – N5,000
10. Enugu – N10,000
11. Imo – N2,000
12. Jigawa – N5,000
13. Kaduna – N3,000
14. Kano – N4,000
15. Kwara – 25,000 (medical youth corp members)
16. Lagos – N10,000, N20,000 (medical youth corp members)
17. Nassarawa – N3,000
18. Niger- N6,000
19. Ogun – N5,000
20. Ondo – N75,000 (medical youth corp members)
21. Osun – N5,000
22. Oyo – N4,000
23. Sokoto – N4,000, N9,000 (medical youth corp members)
24. Taraba – N10,000
25. Yobe – N2,500
26. Zamfara -N3,000

NB: Please note that some of these figures are temporary and are usually changed by the governments

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