Love Dilemma … (My STORY).. I Need Your Advice…..

I would rather remain anonymous. I am so in need of desperate advise right now. It is about my relationship with my boyfriend. I got into this relationship like over a year ago. When the relationship started I was not actually in love with him and I told him no sex so he agreed, I decided to give him a try and along the line I found myself falling in love with him, in fact I bless the day I said I would agree to go into a relationship with him, he is among the best partner a lady could ever ask of, trust me this is not a lady who is just in love, this is a lady that has been into heart breaking relationships and I know for sure what I am saying this guy loves me so much that I am scared of breaking his heart. The funny part is that he has never asked me for sex before though we do the whole smooching thing, but anytime we get close to ‘you know’ doing the thing for some reasons he would ask me if I am ready and I would say no, and with that reply he would smile and tell me he loves me. This made me love him more and sometimes I wish he didn’t ask me and just go ahead with the whole thing.. … Anyways to cut the long story short, he confessed to me that I am older than him with the range of two years…. And for some reasons this has really been disturbing me …. Though I did not believe  him at first cos he acts too way matured, but I confirmed it at looking at one of his id card… Now this is really bothering me .. this is a guy that indirectly talks to me about marriage, and I do not know why but since the day I found out that he is 2 years younger than I am,  I have not really been able to picture out if a marriage is going to be possible at all self because even if I want to go with it, my parents are definitely  going to go against it. I do not want to loose him. I do not know what to do.. please I need advise.

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38 Responses

  1. Bola says:

    Well If you do love him… Don’t look at his age

  2. Euphemia says:

    Age is just a number my dear

  3. Pearl says:

    Hmm… If i were You i would not even bother at all… I would just let life take its course

  4. Lola says:

    Does he know you are older than him?

  5. Camel says:

    If the guy is not concerned about the age i feel you should not be too bothered

  6. Ekene says:

    Who says anyone would know.. Me i can get married to someone older than me… Buh not too old sha

  7. Chinaza says:

    Every true love has a challenge my dear… Just Make sure you over come this

  8. Squeezy says:

    Haba.. it happens na…. Men get married to women older than dey are… I feel if you bother about it too much.. you will loose him

  9. Adeoola says:

    Love is all that matters

  10. Maria says:

    Hold this guy tight.. if you really do Love him

  11. Ada says:

    Why do i feel like this guy is so perfect… Do guys really still exist like that

  12. BELLA says:

    I am also in this situation..

  13. Valentine says:

    If You love this guy …. I do not think you should worry

  14. Uloma says:

    Do not make the same mistake i made… Hold Him

  15. Squeezy says:

    Just Passing by

  16. Edi says:

    As long as you love him just be happy. Enjoy the love and forget every other thing that do not matter.

  17. Dapson says:

    Sister, my advice to u is this- Cut the age thing and proceed with what u think is best for both of u..
    There’s always a flaw in relationships.. If u place your relationship on that, issues will arise from where u never pictured it coming from..

  18. Jay says:

    Darling, ur parents opinion does matter Buh it shldnt supersede ur love for him,after all,it is just u and the guy dt will say “I do” dt day .. Enjoy ur relationship with this guy and Dnt hold back cos who knows? He might really be “the one”

  19. Becky minaj says:

    My dear age is just a number,U shouldn’t let your relationship b based on it or should I say U shouldn’t kill your happiness for what U know isn’t worth it….U not d first to marry a guy younger than U and not gonna be d last…just enjoy your relationship since U know it brings U joy and happiness that’s all that matters ??

  20. Mz Nature says:

    Sweetheart are you going to trade your lifetime happiness for just a little age difference thing? Just work hard in convincing your parents when it gets to marriage.

  21. JESSICA says:

    The most Important thing is to listen to your instinct… It never fails….

  22. JESSICA says:

    The most important thing is to listen to ur instinct… It never fails

  23. Sandora says:

    Earnestly i think you should enjoy what you have….i mean gurl pple would kill for this kind of Guy…ahhhhgh and you are worried bout Age(if thats your cross den its a small price to pay cuz pple are worried about stuffs like fidelity, which i think is the most deadliest )…just Chill,Enjoy,have Fun wen u get to that bridge you’ll cross it..CEST FINI

  24. Belinda says:

    In the western world , age is nothing but a number.. In a Africa, we take age seriously… All those ones doesnt count anymore… For me, my advise is, do what you have to do to be happy…. You deserve to be happy dearie

  25. kelrob says:

    You do not know the value of wah you have till you loose it

  26. BEW@@DJ! says:

    I fink u should move on with him.. my dear sis true love is hard to see ooooo.. wat really matter most is love and understanding!! erase the thought that u re
    older than him so u wont misbehave … is just that we ladies go crazy at times

  27. Tosyn says:

    My dear… Age doesn’t matter, since the love is there… Cheers

  28. Tinuke says:

    Hmmmm. Nice one.. I think i have a story to tell too

  29. Anonymous says:

    Hmmmmm.. Admin of he website, how do i share my story too????????????/

  30. Boss man says:

    Age is nothing but a number just go for love if you feel he really and truly loves you

  31. Julius says:

    Why will age not count????????// Are we not in Africa???????? Or where is she from cos i feel the response of people are coming from both Africa and outside Africa… For Africa age dey oooooooooooo

  32. Jeje says:

    You can send your stories to our mail…….. Thank you soo much for your responses, let’s keep it coming and Tell others about it…..

  33. Tina says:

    Go for love sister……… I think i like this kind of platform..thumbs up!

  34. Sharon says:

    Love is all that matters..Alot of guys have actually dated younger ladies are still they are nothappy in marriage

  35. Sanni-pee says:

    Though, some people think it’s wrong. But,i don’t see anything wrong in it,for Christ sake! All that matters is love. Love doesn’t look at dat. The main reason why some people do misquote love is because most of them are yet to fall into the trap of love.#TRUE TALK#

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