Love Dilemma … (My STORY).. I Need Your Advice…..

My name is Evelyn (not real name) , a graduate of a reputable school in Northern part of Nigeria, I’m confused right about now and i really need help and advise.. Soo crucial and important to my future and happiness in life

I am the first born of 3 children and the only female child..I met this young handsome guy 2 years back when i was in my final year..I will just summarize my matter.. I got soo much into him already before i realized he is a muslim.. My Father is a christian and a devoted one for that matter.

They are already asking me to bring my husband at home cos they notice i’ve been talking to someone on phone, i’m in love with this guy already.. My parent have been warning against dating someone that doesn’t have the same belief as i do.. But as it is, i really and sincerely don’t know what to do.. Do i go on with my heart and even maybe go ahead to even get pregnant for him to put them in a tight corner or i let go??? Cos, i’m done with my youth service and i’m not getting any younger.. Lastly, i must confess, behaviorally, this guy is the best male i have ever seen.. Truthful, sincere, caring and loving.. Traits i’ve not even seen in any of my fellow christians..


Please help, what do i do??? Really important to me please, all i need is your sincere advise..




Just give your sincere response and advise on this
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22 Responses

  1. ay says:

    I suggest u follow ur parent’s advise

  2. kemi says:

    Hmmmmm……. Muslim and xttian sha… Be careful I’ll say

  3. funke says:

    U don’t want to make a life mistake.. Marriage is a life thing…. Follow ur heart

  4. kelvin says:

    Same belief and religion is much more better

  5. chidi says:

    Can’t he change for you??

  6. Kwame says:

    It is better to part ways now before it’s too late.. I feel the best thing is to get someone that is in the same religion with you

  7. boss man says:

    Why is everyone saying the same thing! Why must it be same religion???????

  8. Theresa says:

    Hmmm… Well, the fact is, most of the people that i know that has an unhappy marriage now, sincerely are all same religion.. Is same religion a guarantee for a happy marriage???

  9. rasta man says:

    God go help ur life oooo

  10. fatimah says:

    Pregnancy will be the worst mistake u will ever make… Be wise

  11. kelechi says:

    I feel its all about you and ur future, my dear.. Go with ur heart

  12. Ambrose says:

    Don’t sacrifice your future happiness for temporary love.. Go with someone within your faith… Do the right thing

  13. unknown says:

    What I will advise her to do is first understand wedding is a day marriage is a life time

    The heart of man is desperately wicked who can know it (I.E even her heart will lie to her so she needs the spirit of GOD not to follow her heart)

    Her parents have gone ahead of her and since her father is one that is grounded in CHRIST he must have been given word over the life of his children like the parents of samson and if she defies there instruction she will pay dearly for it and GOD hates divorce so there is no way out

    Lastly getting pregnant for him sells her cheap and the bible also says that the marriage bed is most honourable un-defiled so if she wants a happy marriage she should know that’s a no no

    And she’s only in a dilemma because she is not connected to her source if she asks for GODly counsel and prays about this and waits earnestly for the promise of GOD then she will be fine

  14. bambam says:

    Sorry ooo.. God g help your life

  15. Joy says:

    Go with your faith my dear sister… It is well with your soul….

  16. Thelma says:

    Dont blind yourself with love, be real and true to urself… It’s better you break loose from the relationship.. Two years is not too long

  17. chairman says:

    Hmmmmm.. your condition is critical ooo but just try not to get pregnant.. think about your future

  18. Sikiru says:

    Why are you all saying she must date a fellow christian? does it mean sum1 from another religion cannot be a good person and make one have a better future??? Cos my fiancee is a christian and im muslim and trust me, we are happy together

  19. Zainab says:

    I feel it’s always safer to marry sum1 of ur own belief

  20. Tiwa says:

    There is more to Marriage than just sex and love.. It’s a lifetime commitment .. So, be wise and do the right thing… It’s not about now, its cos of the future… Let go of the relationship

  21. Ayo says:

    pray for him to be coverted, cos only GOD can do that

  22. Ayo says:

    pray for him to be converted, cos only GOD can do that

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