(MUST READ) 19 Annoying Things Chubby Nigerians Are Tired Of Hearing

If you’re chubby in Nigeria, you’ve probably have had unsolicited comments thrown your way. It’s super annoying. Here are some things we think you’d definitely have heard.


1. ‘You’ve added weight o’


2. ‘There’s this new diet, I think it would be perfect for you’


3. ‘You need to lose weight o’


4. ‘You should go to the gym’


5. ‘I would have added you to my bridesmaids’ list, but there’s a weight limit


6. ‘ I don’t think we stock your size in this store’


7. ‘You’re fine o, but if you lose weight, you’d be finer’


8. Are you sure you should be eating that?


9. Are you sure you should be wearing that? It looks too tight


10. ‘You’re so big now, what would you look like when you’re pregnant


11. ‘Your fat is a sign of good living’


12. ‘ You have the build of a ‘Real African Woman”


13. ‘Don’t make that hairstyle, it would make your face look fatter’


14. ‘You used to be much slimmer, what happened?’

15. ‘Are you pregnant?’


16. ‘You should buy black outfits more, it would help you look slimmer’


17.’ You should exercise more, because of your health’


18. ‘Who will marry you?’


19. ‘You’re fat, but you’re still cute sha’

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