Series Updates: Download Arrow Season 5, Episode 13

Download Arrow Season 5, Episode 13 below… First alittle recap….


We open on a normal enough day in the Arrow-verse: John and Dinah are sparring with bow staffs, Felicity’s trying to track the location of Prometheus’ mother, Thea’s back in town (yay!) and grossed out that Oliver’s still dating Susan (double yay!) and surprised that Rene’s working as Quentin’s assistant in City Hall (understandable!).

And then the office normalcy is shattered when a man enters City Hall and opens fire with an AR-15 rifle. Employees scream, scatter, dive for cover. Not everyone makes it. It’s one of the most upsetting scenes Arrow has ever done.

Rene’s carrying a gun and returns fire, but the ski-masked shooter is wearing Kevlar and escapes, leaving five dead and 24 injured, including Adrian. Thea wants to know why on earth Rene was carrying a gun on the job, and his attitude is why on earth wouldn’t he?…………


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