Videos: Kenyan lady survives after she was gang-raped, hacked with matchete then tied to rails where train chopped off her lower body

One of the most horrific story I have ever read…one that would having you questioning humanity…
23-year-old mother of two survived after she was gang-raped by some thugs, then tied to the rails where she watched as an oncoming train crushed her lower body in Timboni area in Kibarani, Mombasa.
Giving a chilling account from her hospital bed, the traumatized young woman said the assailants, who she identified as Kirenje and Otii, first raped her in turns, then hacked her with a machete just next to her private parts, before they tied her legs across the railway line and abandoned her to be crashed by a train.

She was walking home from her mother’s house, a stone’s throw away across the railway line, when two men emerged from behind, gagged her unconscious and dragged her to a nearby bush.

“I heard the rustle of leaves. My heart skipped a beat as people emerge from behind. They covered my face and mouth until I passed out,” she said.

The next thing she recalled is seeing the thugs gang-raping her. One produced a machete and proceeded to hack her around the groin. The pain was so excruciating that she passed out again.

“After that they tied me and explained that they were doing that to me to ensure I die so that the incident is never known.”

Sobbing at the painful memory, the woman said she lay in pain. Precious seconds passed as she slipped in and out of a coma. Just then, she saw a train approaching. She willed her body to move but was too horribly injured to expect any response.

“I watched helplessly as the train approached and crashed over my legs in one of the most painful experiences in my life… I screamed at the locomotive driver to spare me because I have two children to take care of them”

She recalled screaming “Kirenje!” the name of one assailant.

“It is by God’s grace I survived. The locomotive driver miraculously halted the train after hearing my wails.

“The driver alighted and came with a spotlight. With the help of other people, they helped me from beneath the train but first, the train had to pull back, still crashing over my body further,” recalled the teary patient.

She was almost numb with pain, wondering if it was all a bad dream. “The suspects are yet to be arrested but I am told they have escaped from Timboni. I hear they have been spotted in Mazeras, she said.

Medical director at Aga Khan Hospital in Mombasa Dr Twahir Ahmed said the patient had bled a lot but is responding well.

By yesterday, the hospital bill had risen to Sh1.3 million. Her mother appealed to the government to ensure the suspects are put behind bars so that her daughter gets justice.

Watch videos below…

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