Download Empire Season 3, Episode 14

Download Empire Season 3, Episode 14 titled: “Love is A Smoke” below .. First a little recap…


It’s just like Empire to fool me into rooting for Cookie and Lucious once again by showing us how well they get along together only when they’re both with other people! This week, not only do we finally get the backstory for Lucious and Giuliana’s relationship — but Cookie and Angelo also prepare to take their relationship to the Next Level.

We start with a flashback — and unfortunately, it’s not more Young Coocious. It’s Lucious with braids and a thin, icky ponytail (not unlike the teeny ponytail he is sporting in present day… what’s up with that), writing a song for Giuliana called “Crazy Crazy 4 U.” “I think I was put here just so I could write a song about you,” he tells her. Lucious is smitten, but it’s hard to tell if Giuliana is feeling the same.

Cookie interrupts Lucious’ reverie and hears the song, which he’s playing on the speakers in his office. “Was that before or after you divorced me?” Cookie asks. Lucious asks, “Does it matter?……………





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