Series Updates: Download Designated Survival Season 1 , Episode 18

Download Designated Survival Season 1 , Episode 18 below.. First, a little review…


Remember how much fun all that Washington D.C. stuff last week was? Designated Survivor keeps the ball rolling this week with Kirkman signing his new gun-control legislation into law. People celebrate, and there’s good-feeling all throughout the West Wing and in the nation. Even Twitter, that nefarious cesspool of negativity, is into it; the terrible hashtag #GunControlWins even starts trending.

None of this could have happened without the help of Speaker Kimble Hookstraten, which Kirkman has definitely noticed. As such, he gives her an intriguing offer: to turn Speaker Kimble Hookstraten into Vice President Kimble Hookstraten. She accepts, and he begins the vetting process.




If you are having problems downloading via your Android device, hold your finger on the download button and select “save link”, for problems downloading via PC/Laptop simply right click the download button and select “save target as”. 

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