Series Updates: Download MArvels Agent of Shields Season 4, Episode 19

This episode begins right away with two inside references for longtime S.H.I.E.L.D. fans. First, there’s the unmistakable visage of Sunil Bakshi delivering the Hydra-approved news report about Mace’s death. In the world of the Framework, Whitehall’s former right-hand man has transitioned into Hydra’s top news anchor, pumping propaganda from his prestigious cable news perch. There’s another little Easter egg hidden in The Bakshi Report: Headlines noting the death of “American hero” John Garrett (Bill Paxton, who played Garrett back in season 1, passed away in February).

Elsewhere, though, the tide seems to be turning in our heroes’ favor. Thanks to May’s change of heart, Daisy has now gone through Terrigenesis and regained her quake powers. She uses them to great effect while………….




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