Download the Originals Season 4, Episode 6

Download the Originals Season 4, Episode 6 titled “Bag of Cobras” below… First, a little recap…


Vincent’s been playing detective by combing through the New Orleans history books for murder sprees that have something in common with current events. His studious research has revealed that the Hollow emerges every few years and convinces people to commit heinous crimes in clusters of four — each centering on a different location.

Vincent is still not pleased with Klaus and Elijah right now because they’ve kidnapped Marcel and hidden him in an undisclosed location, but he’ll have to put away his hurt feelings for now and fill Elijah in on what the Hollow is after. It’s just that bad. “It’s a ghost. It wants access to this world, so it reaches out and……………………….





If you are having problems downloading via your Android device, hold your finger on the download button and select “save link”, for problems downloading via PC/Laptop simply right click the download button and select “save target as”.

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