Series Updates: Download Reign Season 4, Episode 10

Download Reign Season 4, Episode 10 titled “A better Man” below.. First, a little recap…


Make waaaaaay, for Prince Henry! Okay, so neither Catherine nor Narcisse dress up as a blue genie to welcome Henry back to French court, but there is, in fact, a new prince in town. And from the looks of it, Charles’ younger brother is going to spell trouble.

Here’s the sitch: Catherine’s learned that our dear Leesa has gone behind her back and sent a letter to Henry — currently off fighting the Turks — informing him that Charles is unwell and he needs to return to France ASAP. There’s a throne to be protected! The news pushes Catherine and Narcisse’s Plan to Make Charles a Suitable King into hyperdrive.

They get word that some Protestants are holding a group of Catholics hostage until the crown releases some other Protestants they currently have imprisoned. Like, I’m sure Catherine feels bad for those Catholics, but………………………….





If you are having problems downloading via your Android device, hold your finger on the download button and select “save link”, for problems downloading via PC/Laptop simply right click the download button and select “save target as”.



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