None of us are extra-terrestrials. We are all the same even though we have our varieties.

So the thing is; everyone of us has desires, urges, cravings, etc as the case may be. We are all prone to the same temptations and tendencies.

What makes us different, good or bad, better or worse, isn’t the fact that we lack feelings or the ability to do, rather it’s the choice to use our will to decide to do or not to do that makes all the difference.

The man with glaring vices should not form the habit of consoling himself by declaring that everyone else is pretending simply because they don’t display like he would.

While the man with less obvious vices should not put down those who exhibit such with the purpose of portraying himself as the better person.

We are all the same, however the key is in acknowledging our varieties and not judging. You shouldn’t judge people because they are often a product of circumstances. Therefore the aim should be to sincerely help others if you feel you are better of. Help them make a better choice.

Unfortunately this is also dicey because men could misinterpret your desire to help as judgement in itself.

To be continued………..

Charles Chibiko (Charlz) ✍?

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