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Download Lethal Weapon Season 2, Episode 4 below.. First , alittle recap….


It feels like Lethal Weapon is constantly in competition with itself to up its game. The number of explosions and absurd stunts continues to increase, but the opening minutes of “Flight Risk” are the show at its most audacious and extreme. “You’ve got to be kidding! Who robs a plane?” is a question posed very early on in this episode, and then moments later Dan Cooper (a very scenery-chewing Adrian Pasdar) robs a bunch of high rollers in a private plane and then jumps right out of the door.

That’s quite the memorable cold open and the episode is sure to make it look as awesome as possible. The fact that the whole set piece is a riff on D.B. Cooper’s infamous crime makes this opening all the more outrageous. Riggs comments that brash crimes like this are why he got into law enforcement in the first place, but it’s also why people tune into a show like Lethal Weapon.




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