Series Updates: Download How to Get Away With Murder Season 4, Episode 6

Download How to Get Away With Murder Season 4, Episode 6 below.. First, a little recap


This week on How to Get Away With Murder, it seems that Annalise finally has got her groove back as she plunges ahead with her class action lawsuit and makes real headway in the therapist’s office. Meanwhile, things get even messier for Isaac, Bonnie, Frank, and the Keating Four.

Annalise is back in therapy, and Isaac is (once again) violating doctor-patient confidentiality by telling her about Bonnie and her duplicity. He wants to get her onto the subject of her lost child, so he advises her to deal with her loss by writing a letter to Sam, hoping that will provoke her to open up about the other death he learned about from Bonnie. It turns out that he did all this because his own therapist advised him to do so. Now he argues with his therapist — she thinks he should tell Annalise to get a new therapist because she is triggering him, but he thinks those triggers make him the right person for Annalise.

Meanwhile, there’s more trouble in class action lawsuit land. C


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