Series Updates: Download Once Upon A time Season 7 , Episode 6

Download Once Upon A time Season 7 , Episode 6 below… First, a little recap…


We live in a complicated world, this Hyperion Heights/Post-Emma Enchanted Forest World. Where there’s new kinds of evil and maternal frustrations and strange tattoos on people’s arms that could mean God knows what. And even when it gets a little less cloudy… a little less complicated… it’s still awful because the forces that be have made it so. Maybe we should just jump in and review.

Henry and Regina are not processing well that picture of them we saw last week, but that’s what happens when you don’t remember your past, ya know? It startles Regina so much that she pulls a bat to go “deal with” Victoria, who she’s convinced staged the picture. In the end, Henry stops her, which is a shame because this version of Regina is off her rocker, and it’s incredible. They’re interrupted by Jacinda, who is pretty upset with Henry because of #SocialMediaHalloweenPhotos with Ivy because even ABC knows us at our worst.




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