Series Updates: Download The Magicians Season 3, Episode 5


What show other than The Magicians could get away with showing an entire lifetime of existence catering to a specific “ship” in its fandom while still beautifully serving the overall story? The aptly named “A Life in the Day” not only lends the perfect amount of gravitas to the acquisition of the third key in the quest; it also manages to add depth to the ongoing evolution of its many and varied female characters while continuing to make good use of callbacks to successful elements from previous seasons.

The most troubling character change comes for Kady, whose reunion with Penny goes badly: a surprising development perhaps until we realize how scared Kady must be about how she almost died and how much of her own fragile state is tied into trying to save Penny. Of course she doesn’t want to jump right back into worrying about his astral plane problem! Not now, when the most important thing is figuring herself out. Sadly, the doctors’ belief that her supposed hallucinations necessitate her being committed for further treatment take Kady down a dangerous path that is……..







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