Series Updates: Download Black Lightning Season 1, Episode 5


It only takes this episode a few minutes to start dropping tantalizing hints about the characters’ backstories. While guiding Jefferson through a new application on his suit that channels his electric powers into limited flight, Gambi gets an unexpected visitor. It’s none other than Tobias, who apparently has some kind of deal with the tailor. In exchange for Gambi keeping mum about Tobias (even from Jefferson!), the albino stays away from him. More critically, Gambi reveals that Tobias has some kind of “serum” pumping through his body that negates his aging — and, more than likely, allowed him to survive whatever epic fight he had with Black Lightning years ago. Tobias demands that Gambi tell him who Black Lightning is under pain of death, but Gambi is armed and prepared, and even more importantly, Tobias seems to respect him. So he leaves without any violence.


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