Here’s How To Maintain Great Sibling Relationships

Why Sibling Relationship Needs Attention
I believe that not every parent has good relationship with siblings for some reasons. For the worst reasons, I still think that sibling relationship is worth to maintain.

More Than Parents
We never know how long we can live on the earth, but logically, siblings will live longer than parents. Siblings take longer lifetime next to each other. We will spend longer life time with siblings than parents. What would happen when we don’t maintain good relationship with siblings? The rest of our life will feel like a hell for me personally.


More Than Friends
One thing that differentiate siblings from friends is the legal factor. Siblings are united by the law. Either they have biological parents or not, siblings are united and verified by the law. It sounds hard, but it will force siblings to receive each other, even when they are not suited at all. In other words, friends are still friends forever. They still can break up easily.

Peaceful Life
Having warm relationship with anyone will make you feel more peaceful. Even more, when you have wonderful relationship with your siblings, you will have more peaceful life. We won’t know what happen in the future. When friends leave us, siblings will be the ones who remains.

How to Maintain Sibling Relationship
Knowing the reasons
Not everyone needs to know the importance of having good sibling relationship. The good relationship just happens naturally like it does with the relationship with other people. However, there are many times that people are unaware why they need to have good relationship with siblings. There are a lot of fight between them and even sibling fight is like a habit. That will be a very bad condition where they need to know that great sibling relationship is extremely important for whatever reason.

Sharing Condition
Having similar condition, hobby, and routines will make siblings get together more frequently. Siblings will share similar experience that can be great memories for them to talk together in the future. If you can’t hold the fight, then you need to get used to. There should be a natural way to solve the fighting problem, if there is any.


Remember, blood they say is thicker than water… No matter how bad your sibling seem to be, when his/her name is mentioned, it will still most likely be linked to you…


Family is everything, learn to help your siblings grow and save them from falling.. Help them if you can, at least any little when you can and let your conscience justify you..


As a Nigerian Artist will always say remember ” Nobody Holy Pass” Love your siblings while you can…



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