FULL MOVIE: The Jurassic Games 2018 (HD)


The Jurassic Games offers us a vision of a dystopian future where death row prisoners are pitted against voracious dinosaurs and each other in a fight for survival. It’s a virtual reality Colosseum, televised and enjoyed all over the country. The winner gets their freedom, while the losers get a lethal injection. Who will survive and who will be dinosaur chow?

Our protagonist is Anthony Tucker, played ably by Adam Hampton. A father of two, he is convicted of his wife’s murder and sentenced to death despite his protestations of innocence. He volunteers for the Games for the same reason the other convicts do – a shot at freedom, to get back to his family. Can he survive the vicious killers and bloodthirsty dinosaurs? Or will his sentence be carried out after all?

Let’s be honest – the outcome is pretty predictable. But the road there is a hell of a lot of fun, and there are several moments that make you genuinely doubt whether the filmmakers will go the expected route after all. Hampton does a good job portraying the slightly-tough everyman as a reluctant action hero – this is no Arnie movie where a supposedly mild-mannered character is suddenly bending bars and spitting bullets.


Most of the cast do a decent job with what they’re given. The Mason Brothers are standouts, with Luke Wyckoff’s Albert having a great time chewing the scenery. Ryan Merriman as the game’s host and Perrey Reeves as his boss Savannah do well, but the characters are kind of one-note caricatures who are mostly there to press home how evil and unethical the game is. I would have liked to see some more showboating from the host in particular, as he wasn’t quite as theatrical as he should have been to front a show this dramatic. Of the cast, the weakest is probably Katie Burgess as Joy, who simply doesn’t come across as the psychotic killer as written. She just seems to be in a bad mood. I found it easier to believe in Cate Jones’ Stephanie as a killer; she was wide-eyed and seemingly naive one moment, then cold and brutal the next. It would have been interesting to see the actors in each other’s roles.















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