4 Ways To Raise A Confident Girl

1. Encourage assertiveness.
Teach your daughter to express her needs to adults and stand her ground with her peers. If another child is being mean to her, encourage her to say “I don’t like the way you’re talking to me.”

2. Be specific in your compliments.
When you tell your daughter how smart she is, it means much more if you use concrete examples. Tell her “You have a really good memory” or “Boy, you sure know your dinosaurs.”

3. Make your praise match reality.
A third-grader will know that she’s not a musical genius or the best artist on the planet, but she’ll appreciate it if you notice her improvement from one month to the next.

4. Help her understand why she sometimes gets left out.

Explain to your daughter that if she isn’t invited to every birthday party or to join every jump-rope game (and she won’t be), it’s not meant to be an insult. Explain that when another child says “You can’t be my friend,” it probably has more to do with that child’s bad mood than it does with your daughter.


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