I Love this lady but i don’t know how to tell her.. jejeupdates readers, i need your advise…


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19 Responses

  1. Kenyatta says:

    Learn to talk … You aint young .. I feel you should be man enough to talk and spill what you have on ur mind

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dont dull yourself young man.. Do the needful

  3. Bro Jude says:

    Pray about it

  4. Fidelis says:

    I’d rather you talk… That is the best thing you can do to urself .. Pill it

  5. Kemi says:

    Hmmmmm.. Spill it bro.. Speak ur mind

  6. Ide Cyril says:

    when will the next episode of flash be out

  7. Amara says:

    God will help you … I have my story to share too… My boyfriend is mishaving cos I decided to go celibate… I think I’ll have to send my full story too… Speak your mind to her… We ladies are humans too… She might be waiting for it

  8. Chima says:

    Nice one, jejeupdates… I have a story to tell too… I will definitely send to the mail above…. don’t hesitate to speak your mind…

  9. Fred says:

    First, are you sure she is not yet in love with another man? If yes ,then no problem… I think you should speak before its too late…..

  10. Loveth says:

    Speaking your mind shouldn’t change anything, just be matured about it…

  11. Kemi says:

    Who says ladies should not speak up if they love a guy too… Well , young man, God will help you… Just make sure u don’t lose ur friendship.. Its important..

  12. Jude says:

    Love is a beautiful thing… Speak ur mind bro…

  13. Abimbola says:

    There is two ways to it,for me i will rather sick for her advice by pretend as if the matter is happen to someone else. I believe by so doing i can get some fact that will actually tells me the next line of action.

  14. Kwesi says:

    Hmmmmmmm… You guys are talking ad if its soo easy to go and say things like that…. I’ve been in his shoes and its not as easy as it seems…

  15. Ronald says:

    Go for it if that’s what you want bro…. Its will be a yes or a no…..

  16. Kelz says:

    Keep up the friendship.. I’ll suggest you keep the friendship other that losing it if you feel the friendship is important to u

  17. Felicia says:

    For me, I’ll say be sure… talk to God about it and hear God speak to you before u go ahead

  18. Theresa says:

    Mr Kwame, are you a coward??? She will never know if u don’t talk to her… You don’t expect it to be a ldy that will come and ask you out

  19. John says:

    He should be a man and talk to her….that’s my advise

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