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Titled: “This Guilty Blood”

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Jace’s departure with Valentine creates upheaval in The Institute; the arrival of Victor Aldertree hampers Alec, Isabelle and Clary’s plan to rescue Jace; Jocelyn, now awake, tries to catch up on events.

Isabelle: Any word from the Clave?
Lydia: Not yet. We’ve been trying for the past four hours. Something’s up.
Magnus: Hmmm. The Clave being unhelpful? Who’s shocked?! Show of hands.

The Institute regroups - Shadowhunters

Magnus: You really don’t get it, do you? You didn’t risk anything for me, you did it for you.
Alec: What? Are you seriously doing this right now? Right now?!
Magnus: You know damn well I want to find Jace just as much as you do, but that’s no excuse to treat me like…
Alec: Then what do you want from me?!
Magnus: At the moment…nothing.

Alec and Magnus - Shadowhunters

Simon: So do you think it’s true? What they’re saying about Jace?
Luke: That he’s working with Valentine? I don’t think so.
Simon: I mean, he could come for Clary next. He’s totally hung up on her.
Luke: So are you worried about Jace…or maybe telling Clary how you feel? Be bold, Simon.
Simon: I’m bold…adjacent.
[Both laugh]

Saving Jace - Shadowhunters

Simon: What’s up guys?
Werewolf: We know Luke said you could crash here. But not here!
Simon: You don’t want to touch me. Encanto!
Werewolf: What the hell are you doing?
Simon: Encanto. Ummm…Encanto! It’s supposed to make you do whatever I tell you to.
Werewolf: You’re the worst vampire ever.

Vampire meets werewolf - Shadowhunters
Isabelle: Did you study “The Art of War”?
Clary: It’s not on the reading list at art school.
Isabelle: You should learn it. Sun Tzu gives excellent advice.
[Fight break]
Clary: Like what?
Isabelle: “Move swift as the wind, and closely formed as the wood. Attacks like fire.” But my favorite: “To know your enemy, you must become your enemy.”
Training GIF - Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 1

Jace: You experimented on me?
Valentine: I made you stronger, faster; more lethal than any other Shadowhunter.
Jace: Why?
Valentine: To create the perfect weapon, the ideal marriage of good and evil: A Shadowhunter with pure demon blood.

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