Series Updates: Download Agent of Shield Season 5, Episode 7

e’re coming off an explosive episode, and this week has no intention of slowing the momentum. Fitz is still on the run with Simmons and Daisy, but his plan of getting them all away in his spaceship is quickly derailed when said ship is destroyed by Kasius’ forces. Now they need to think up a new plan.

The heroes’ advantage, however, comes from the fact  that their main antagonists are more concerned with sniping at each other than pursuing them. Kasius and his brother are not exactly a dream team; in fact, they appear to be almost complete opposites. While Kasius is worried about his newfound scars disrupting his perfect image, his brother says they should be worn with honor, as the sign of a victor. But Kasius isn’t exactly the warrior type; apparently, the whole reason he’s running the Earth space station in the first place is because he once abandoned a strategic outpost his father had assigned him to defend. In Kasius’ defense, said ………….. DOWNLOAD BELOW




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