Series Updates: Download How to Get Away With Murder Season 3, Episode 13

Download How to Get Away With Murder Season 3, Episode 13 below.. First, a little recap…..


Well, we still don’t know #WhoKilledWes, but we do have one more suspect to throw on top of the list — and the scary thing is that the call is coming from inside the house! Yep, it looks like the Keating kids are about to factionalize even more than they already have because Connor has a dirty, dirty secret to hide. Let’s walk through what we learned on tonight’s penultimate episode of How to Get Away with Murder‘s third season.

First of all, Annalise is looking rough. Her idea to provoke her way into a beat-down in country jail did give Bonnie some extra talking points for her bail plea, but now she’s hurting — enough to be eyeballing the you-know-what out of a bottle of pills in her medicine cabinet.

She meets with Nate after her release, and he’s got a bit of bad news: He sniffed around these crime materials enough that his signature has now miraculously been affixed to a transfer order for Wes’ body, which was only discovered by happenstance when Laurel decided she wanted to take a peek for morbid grief stuff’s sake. A missing body reeks of conspiracy on the DA’s office’s part, but with Nate’s John Hancock on the dotted line, well, it’s a lot harder to implicate Denver and Atwood in the matter.

By the way, we can probably go ahead and mark Nate off the list of potential perps here. Last week, we learned that he was there at the house the night Wes was killed, because……..



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