Series Updates: Download Legends of tomorrow Season 3 , Episode 11

Little recap:

what a fun episode, guys! Time loop episodes can be hit or miss depending on the character(s) stuck in the time loop and the stakes, but Legends pulled this one off nicely with some overdue character work for Zari and a fun twist that gave the bottle episode a lively feel.

Here in — as Nate points out over and over again — Groundhog Day set aboard the Waverider, Zari is the haughty misfit who wishes she didn’t have to do what she’s told aboard the ship. She argues with Sara when the captain returns; while the team was away fixing Waterloo, Zari was supposed to do some routine maintenance, but instead uploaded her own simulation software into Gideon, which results in Gideon crashing. Zari did it for selfish, though well-meaning reasons: She wanted to use the simulation software to find loopholes in history like the one she used to save Helen of Troy, so she can exploit one that may help her save her brother and the dystopian hell of 2042.


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