Series Updates: Download Riverdale Season 1, Episode 4

If there’s a theme to “The Last Picture Show,” it’s that most of the characters are desperately trying to hold on to something that’s slipping away from them. Archie doesn’t want his relationship with Grundy to end; Jughead is fighting to save his home away from home from being demolished (my favorite story in tonight’s episode); and Veronica isn’t entirely ready to accept the truth about how her family lives the way it does. All of this sounds interesting on the surface, but the execution elicits a, “Well, okay, I guess…” Furthermore, the episode doesn’t do much in terms of advancing the Jason Blossom story line, either.

As always, tonight’s episode opens with Jughead doing his best Carrie Bradshaw impression as he talks about the town’s decision to close his beloved Twilight Drive-In theater and the fact that Jason Blossom’s murder has suddenly turned the town into Salem, which is quite hyperbolic. But, in a surprise twist, he yields the narrating floor to Betty, who does her best Elena Gilbert impression as she journals about……………..


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