Series Updates: Download THE 100 Season 4, Episode 3

Download THE 100 Season 4, Episode 3 below…. First a little recap….


It was obvious in the season 4 premiere that the flame and the need for Nightbloods wouldn’t just disappear. It’s always been important to Grounder politics, but “The Four Horsemen” revealed just how important Luna and her nightblood could be to the entire human population.


But that’s not all episode 3 revealed: Indra has a daughter! A daughter who refuses to be a warrior! A daughter who is the new flamekeeper!

We’ve known Indra since season 2, and as much as she’s taken Octavia under her wing, she’s never seemed exactly “maternal,” so learning that she has a daughter was more than a little shocking. So shocking we should just go ahead and start the recap there…

Roan finds Octavia sharpening her sword (literally) and commissions her services. See, the flame was stolen from his chambers, so he needs someone to quietly track it down. She comes as a package deal with Indra, who knows that if word were to get out that the king had lost the sacred flame then Roan would lose his throne. He tells her to find the new female flamekeeper.

Can we just pause for a second to marvel at how women are still ruling this world? Even with a king, nevertheless,……………………………







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