Series Updates: Download The Flash Season 4, Episode 15


is week, The Flash breaks away from its formula and tries something new: an episode that mostly takes place in the span of about 10 seconds. Sure, it’s gimmicky, but I loved it! The episode is tense and packs quite the emotional punch thanks to a Harry and Jesse story line that feels like it came out of nowhere.

Since figuring out that DeVoe’s lair is hidden in a pocket dimension, Barry has been practicing trying to catch him, which means having Cisco create a breach as Barry tries to reach it before it closes. Training is not going well, so he’s frustrated and Cisco’s exhausted. Iris, doing her best Eliza Hamilton impression, convinces Barry to take a break from his training, and they make some date night plans since they haven’t had any quality husband-wife time in quite a while. (Prison will do that)….


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