10, 000 people apply for receptionist position in China

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China has recorded nearly 10,000 people applying the post of office receptionist in the country’s upcoming civil servants examination. According to Dailymail report, a total of 9,837 candidates applied for the role at the receptionist office of the Central Committee of the China Democratic League.
A position which is believed to be the most competitive position at the 2017 Chinese civil servants exam, equally billed as ‘China’s national examination.

Meanwhile, with the candidate schedule for an 11-day-long political background check before being allowed to sit in the exam next month, the official website for the job application, People’s Daily Online, also states that only Chinese citizens between the of 18 and 35 with a college degree or higher is allowed to sign up with exception given to full-time Master’s or Doctoral students who can be as old as 40.

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