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Here are 10 rules every wife should observe if she wants a happy marriage
1. Meet your husband’s needs in the bedroom. Just as your husband is expected to satisfy you in bed, you are also expected to do same as a wife if you want a happy marriage.
2. Don’t be the nagging wife. You can’t have a good marriage if you always nag. There’s no justification for nagging.
3. Respect your husband not to yell at him. Yelling at him would never solve the problem but it instead makes things worse. Don’t be the wife that keeps yelling at husband and follows him round the house as he tries to avoid her. You are his wife and not his mother. Talk things gently with him. Yelling solves nothing.
4. Never compare your husband to your friend’s husband. Many wives are guilty of this. Appreciate your husband and be content with what he can provide while supporting him to achieve more out of life.
5. Just as your appearance mattered while dating him, it also matters during marriage. Every wife is expected to take good care of herself. Always look good. Dress smart, make your hair and smile always.
6. I understand it’s difficult to combine your career with being a wife but try to still create out time sometimes to cook your husband a nice meal. Make out time to cook him something nice. He would definitely appreciate your efforts.
7. Every wife is expected to be her husband’s pillar and support him. That’s the beauty of being married. Help him make his dreams come true by being that supportive wife.
8. You are expected to make your husband your priority and not your mother. Many women still place their mother and blood relatives over their husband and this is wrong. Your husband should come first most of the times.
9. If you want your marriage to be successful, you are expected to choose your battles wisely. You shouldn’t quarrel over every thing. Learn to ignore the little things.
10. Just as you expect your husband to see things from your own point of view, you are also expected as a wife to see things from his own point of view. Listen to your husband too.

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