10 Signs Your Boyfriend May Never Propose to You

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This is one of the most serious and highly discussed issue in Relationship today. We discovered that Most people, (especially the female) wants more from the relationship, and are not satisfied with just dating.

But let me clear something here too, there are females, who don’t also want to marry, but that is not the case, is it?

I discovered, after spending years as an internationally acclaim public writer and speaker on Relationship matters, that there are certain characters and traits of Men, who can date you for 20 years, and will NEVER ever propose. If you just want a no serious tier with your boyfriend, then this is not important.

But if you want a relationship that leads to marriage, then you need to leave these type of Men, who are sweet, loving, but will not want to be tiered down with Marriage.

So you’ve been in a relationship for a while and are more than ready to walk down the aisle but does he feel the same way?

You may be in a great relationship but what’s the point if it’s not going anywhere?

If you have your doubts, these signs he may never propose, will come in handy today.

I can assure you, that there is absolutely nothing more worse than being in a dead end relationship, where you’re in it for the long haul but where he may never propose.


If you have been noticing these signs he may never propose, maybe it’s time for you to go home, sit down and take a serious decision that will affect your future!



Once you start dating a guy, you’ll come to know his thoughts on Marriage. While you may be the sorts who has always been dreaming about a dazzling and shiny rock on your finger, the most romantic marriage proposal ever recorded, the perfect wedding dress and happily ever after, he may detest the very idea of marriage.

How can you know this?
Firstly, what are his thoughts on Marriage?
Does he hate going to weddings?
Does he often talk about marriage as the “end” of a guy’s life and wonder out loud why people even get married?

TO know this, you need to sit down and hear his thoughts on the institution of marriage. Is he commitment phobic or maybe he believes that all marriages are meant to fail, especially like those of Celebrities?

However, if both of you, are on opposite ends when it comes to the very idea of marriage, there is certainly a huge and very big chance, that you may never get him to change his mind regarding Marriage.


Here is another pointer that he does not have marriage on his “to-do” list. When you notice that you are dating a guy, who someday, he’ll be very attentive and extra romantic, showing you affections like buying flowers, taking you out on lovely dates, while on other days he’s just a jerk and won’t call you for days on end without a single reason or explanation.

Even if a guy who plays hot and cold is 40 years old, these are the type of Men we call “boys”. Once you noticed that your boyfriend is inconsistent in the relationship, it’s probably because he’s indecisive and doesn’t know what he wants from you.

And until he figures out what he wants, chances are he’s not going to propose to you, no matter how long.


Dating that secretive guy, whom has not yet introduce you to his friends and family? Here is an important sign that he will NEVER marry or propose to you.

Honey, the truth is that, he might be married and you are just his side chick.

One of the biggest sign that your boyfriend will never propose to you, is if he doesn’t make an effort to integrate you with his friends and family.

Sure, you’ve met them a couple of times on a couple of occasions, but if he sees you as his potential wife, he will make sure that they know you as more than some girl he’s dating, and won’t let them get too close or comfortable with you.

One of the biggest sign that he will propose, is him making sure, that his family gets to know you, and make you, as much a part of their lives as he is.


This is another eye popper for serious ladies who wants their boyfriend to propose. Except you want an exciting boyfriend who does not have future plans with you.

When it comes to making plans for next weekend, you notices he gets super excited, but talk about going away on vacation together next year and he suddenly start stammering, then chokes up and mutters something like “We’ll talk when the time comes”. This is one of the biggest signs, that he might never propose.

If he sees you as a part of his future, he’d have no qualms making plans or at least considering them and that’s that.

Ladies should know that if a guy is extremely confused and appear to be under stress when you try making future plans, then you need to know that he’s probably not in it for the long haul.


This once again, is an indicator that he might not propose to you, not withstanding how many months or years you have been together. Nothing says “sign he may never propose” like avoiding to talk about the future.

When you try bringing up topics like this, do you notice the following behaviors?

  1. Shy away from conversations about long term commitment?
  2. Do you end up fighting every time you talk about the future or kids?
  3. Does he freak out when you bring up the “M” word? (M=marriage)
  4. Does he always change the subject when it comes to your future with him?

You should probably know this. If he won’t even discuss the future with you, then ask yourself serious questions like: how is he ever going to pop the question?



Some ladies might go unknowingly date guys who won’t talk about Marriage, but what about those guys, who talks of marriage, but takes no visible actions?

Yes, i know there are guys like these, who will have serious discussion about marriage with you, and you told him how you felt and he seemed very eager to take things forward, but that’s that.  It seems like everything stops there and nothing has happened since the last discussion.

After having serious discussion with your boyfriend regarding Marriage, and he seems excited. But you notice things like:

  1. There has been no house hunting,
  2. No ring shopping,
  3. No proposal signs,
  4. No hint whatsoever and when you bring it up, all you get are excuses and more excuses everything.

Girl, i think you need to think this over seriously. But unless his excuses seems like legitimate reasons, chances are he’s just buying time, till he’s cornered into absolutely having to make a decision. Either he chooses to marry or propose to you.


Many times, marriage counselors have warn ladies, who wish to get married, never to start doing the wifey duties for their boyfriend! Don’t start been a wife, till he puts a ring on your hand and marry you!

I think this is one of the biggest reason why you’ll see, relationship which has been going on for 10 years, all of a sudden, is broke.

If the two of you have been together for a while and are practically married, which means that you live together, have $ex, share finances, why should he marry you again?

You have given him the full wife duties he may be dreaming about. There are chances that he is perfectly comfortable with the arrangement and doesn’t see a reason why anything should change, by proposing to you.

This is the perfect example of this adage: “why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free”?

Surely, we all know that there’s no set period, in which a couple has to get married or even talk marriage. But according to relationship experts, a year and a half to two years is long enough to decide whether or not your partner is the one.

When you are dating, or leaving with your boyfriend, and it seem like you are not moving forward, even after 2,3, 4 years, then there is a high percentage that both of you, just not the same page.


There are some people, who simply can’t let it go. These are the type of guys ladies should steer clear of. Is your guy always talking about his past and previous relationships?

It really does not matter, whether it is a casual or in comparison to whatever you’re talking about, if you see that your guy is still reminiscing about his “glory years” at college or just unable to shake something from the past off his mind, it’s a clear sign that he’s unable to live in the present, and a sure indicator, that he’s not ready to start a new phase in life.

When you date a guy, and you noticed that he’s not living in the present, this actually means that he’s not really appreciating what he has with you, and does not care about your future.


Another pointer that your Significant other might not be proposing soon, is if he feels like, he does not have it all together. This is one things about Men, that ladies should be fully aware of.

Women should know that stability in life means a lot for men. Which is one of the reason you’ll see guys at 36+, who are not yet married.

Whenever guys who are due for marriage, but are yet to marry talks about marriage, they always talk about investments, stocks, having enough money in the back, etc.

They like to know that they’d be able to take care of you if push came to shove. He can’t do that if he’s in between jobs or just going through some sort of life change.

So, it is better that you know, until your guy feels like he’s got his life back on track, chances are he won’t be proposing anytime soon.


Ever doubt the saying that says “Show me your friend, and i will tell you, who you are?” This is an epic example. If your boyfriend has bachelors friends, then it will surely be hard for him, to envision a married life.

Let’s be honest, if he’s hanging around with happy bachelors all the time, then how do you think, he will want a different life?

When all his friends are bachelors, he’s probably not going to want to change that lifestyle. Guys who want to get married usually have a few married friends!

However, i will want to point it out here, that this might not be the case for every guy, but if it rings true for you, he might not be too interested in the idea of marriage anytime soonest.


He’s Not Good at Resolving Problems

When you notice that your boyfriend isn’t very good at providing solution to problem, then he might not want to get marry.

Have you noticed anytime the going gets tough, what is his reaction?

  1. Does he run away from the problem?
  2. Or stands and ensure it’s solved?

If you are dating a guy who always runs away from problem, (both figuratively and literally) when you guys hit a rough patch, he’s not going to be that great in a marriage.

You might even noticed, that the very idea of discussing the topic scares him!


I want to say something important here to all my ladies. If your partner has been showing the above listed signs, then it is an important moment in your life, to re-evaluate your relationship and have a serious discussion with your partner.

Always be fully aware, that it is better out than in. I’ll advice that you should sit down with him, talk to him and figure out where he stands about Marriage life.

I want to say here to you, make sure you don’t fight or give him an ultimatum, just have an honest “where do we stand” discussion with him.

And yes, Am wishing you, the very best of luck!

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