10 Things Girls Do Everyday That Guys Secretly Hate, You’ll All AGREE With No. 6

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I doubt that there’s any guy in the world that loves an indecisive girl but most girls are unknowingly indecisive. For example you guys could be on a date and he’d ask you if you want meat pie or jollof and you’d respond anyone “i’m indifferent” or “anything you say”, that response would piss an average guy off because that makes you look very indecisive and NOBODY likes people who are indecisive. Here are other things ladies do almost every time that guys loathe with a passion but wont complain about.

1. BEING TOO CHEAP: While you are trying to be a nice lady and not insultive, it is believed that as much as you are nice, you need to have a level of class. Why would a guy meet you on the street, walk up to you and ask for your number and just like that, you give the number.. Most times, the ladies end up complaning to the people around them that the particular guy is disturbing them with calls and messages but the FACT is, if you never gave him your number, he wouldnt be disturbing you. Guys like it when their ladies are not insulting, but constructively and sensibly let go of most of these eat and run street guys.

2. ACTING DESPERATE: Another turn-off for guys that they absolutely hate is a girl that seems too desperate. If you are constantly clinging to him and constantly seeming that you can’t live without your guy, it is too much. A guy likes a girl that is independent and that only depends on him when she really needs help. Remember that, girls, when you are clinging too hard to your man!

3. ACTING STUPID: You might think that it’s cute to play dumb a lot of the time, guys actually like girls that have opinions and that are smart. If you know something girls, make sure that you speak up! This is one turn-off for guys that a lot of women don’t take too seriously, but it works. Just be yourself, girls!

4. WHEN YOU’RE TOO EASY: Girls, this statement is not just about s*x, it is about everything! Guys like to have someone that is interesting, someone that won’t give away all of their secrets on the first date. You want to leave some mystery there and make sure that you are keeping the relationship interesting and fresh.

5. WHEN YOU TRY AND CHANGE HIM: A man wants you to like him for who he is. If you decide to date him, but then try to change his personality or appearance, he’s going to feel like he’s not good enough for you. You’re only going to hurt his ego. If you don’t like him, then find a new man instead of trying to change the one you have.

6. TRYING TO MAKE HIM JEALOUS: Most girls are guilty of trying to make our boyfriend or #crush jealous by talking to another guy. However, this could lead to disaster. You don’t want him to think that you’ve lost interest in him and that you’d rather be with someone else. How would you like it if he flirted with another girl in front of you? It’s never fun to watch.

7. BEING A NAG: Guys have set ideas about what they consider nagging, but if they perceive it in you, many of them don’t like it. It’s better to have conversations than lectures, remember. It’s frustrating for a girl when it seems like a guy isn’t listening, and it’s frustrating for him if he thinks she’s nagging – that’s why.

8. WEARING TOO MUCH MAKEUP: Even though it’s a women’s choice to wear the amount of makeup she wants, men have an opinion on it – and they’re entitled to a physical preference, as long as they don’t make someone feel bad about it.

When guys say they like a “natural look,” however, it’s often because they don’t know what concealer, bronzer, mascara, and highlighter can really do.

9. BEING INDECISIVE: If you can never choose something, that … well, that can get annoying. It’s a turn off when anyone does it, though, the gender doesn’t matter. Am I right?

10. NEVER OFFERING TO PAY: He picks up the check because it’s the gentlemanly thing to do. However, you should at least reach for your wallet. He might not want you to pay, but he’ll appreciate your offer.


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