13 Hilarious Glaring Signs You Are Actually An Amebo

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1. When people accuse you of being an Amebo…

They’re not the same thing please.

2. When you ask after someone’s boyfriend/girlfriend just to know if they’re still dating.

Just to know if you should cross them out of your relationship goals.

3. How you run to your window when you hear your neighbours arguing.

Neighbour fights are the sweetest!

4. You, adding mouth in random Danfo conversations.

Even when they ask didn’t for your opinion.

5. How you peek into people’s phones while they’re chatting in public.

6. Nothing irritates you more than this…

The people with public accounts don’t kuku have two heads.

7. You don’t mind famzing that annoying person that always has all the gist.

Carrying last is not your portion.

8. When you find yourself in 2004 on your crush’s Facebook wall.

How else are you supposed to know  what they had for breakfast in JSS 2?

9. You, acting surprised when someone is giving you gist you heard weeks ago.

“Are you serious?”

10. How you feel when someone is talking while you’re trying to tap gist.

Shut up abeg.

11. You, viewing people’s Snapchat stories but never posting yours.

So you can do advanced amebo.

12. You know all the names and secrets of all your followers.

As per, you people are now BFFs.

13. How you feel when you find out some people use different usernames for their Instagram or Facebook.

Why are these people childish?

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