15 Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make On The First Date With A Lady


I know some people don’t respect the dating world. They believe it’s a waste of time and currency and girls don’t deserve it. I mean why should I waste my money on lunch (I might offer to pay you never can tell) if I can use that to get a quickie at the corner of every club.

My brother, you can’t continue living like this cause nothing good comes from the corner of every club. Well, This article is for you decent gentlemen. I’m here to help you out, make it easy a little for you. I’m not promising you anything superb at the end but to save you from getting red wine all over your outfit or having a nagging frowning lady opposite you, these are fifteen first date mistakes you Don’t wanna make;

1. Do not bring your friend without her consent:- You Don’t know how rude it looks when she walks up to the car and realises she has to move to the back seat. Worse of all she didnt know…Sigh** well it’s wrong if common sense doesn’t tell you it is.

2. Don’t waste her time:- Don’t stand her up. If it isn’t okay for you give a time that is. ‘How about we make it by 4’ not that you’ll be all okay and then waste her time. Don’t stand her up

3. Don’t go all dirty and talk vulgar:- I mean dude im eating. But seriously no dirty talk if she didnt initiate it. Don’t start asking questions about her favorite position or asking her to demonstrate how she gives a head…Bro, really

4. Don’t hold a pity party and talk about all your exes:- We really don’t wanna date an attachment Barbie who cries at love films. Besides we really Don’t care

5. It is not okay to chill at your place after:- Take her home don’t ask.

6. Your football club is playing and you decide to have the date:- Then you cant keep your phone away and you are glued to goals.com or your eyes is on the tv screen. You’re even talking about the match and the whole date is about the silly football. My point? Don’t have it when your club is playing

7. Don’t order for her. Or try to be impulsive:- Don’t try to make her have more drinks or more food. Let her have what’s okay for her

8. Don’t talk about your marriage plans, how many kids you wanna have:- I mean it’s nice to know you think of getting there but no. Don’t talk about it today. Not the first time we are going out

9. If she says I Don’t want to talk about it, Don’t push:- Don’t go all come on, Don’t make it a big deal, didn’t I just tell you about my own, Don’t try to play therapist. She doesn’t wanna talk about it.

10. Do you have a car, are you using the commercial means of transportation, are you letting cab? (Don’t Fake it):- let her know how your movement is gonna be. We might just decide it’s convenient for us to meet you there instead

11. Don’t talk too much. Talk, make jokes but not dry jokes and please Don’t be a chatterbox:- You’d probably lie because you are talking too much or make yourself look like a complete . Don’t chatter away.

12. Go for what’s convenient for you. If you are not used to a fork and knife, finger foods are also available:- Don’t make a mess of yourself, please.

13. Reduce the volume of your phone, keep it in your pocket and concentrate on her:- It goes a long way

14. Do not try checking other girls out:- You may not know but its rude to have a beautiful lady opposite you and still look onwards when a girl passes or worst of all turn your head. Really…..seriously…..

15. Compliment her, tell her what a nice time you had:- If you have her smiling. I think you were pretty impressive.

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