20 Lies People Do Say About $ex.. Do you Concur?

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Immorality has become the order of the day in our world today such that, we almost don’t know the right from the wrong anymore… Here are some lies we do tell ourselves about Sex today… Do you Concur?

1. The Say $ex Is A Means  Of Self-Expression – Lies

2. They Say That $ex Is A Biological And Natural Need That Must Be Met – Lies

3. B.reast Pain, Menstrual Pain And Abdominal Pain Is As A Result Of Not Having $ex – Lies (Biologically It’s Not True)

4. They Say A Person Who Haven’t Had $ex Is Sociologically And Emotionally Unstable – Lies

5. They Say Boys www.GIDIBEST.com.ng Who Are Sxually Inactive Would Have Stomach Pain As A Result Of Accumulation Of Sperms – Lies

6. $ex Is Love – Lies

7. They Say Basically That If It Doesn’t Harm Anyone Nothing Is Wrong With It – Lies

8. They Say That Other Word For $ex Is Making Love – Lies

9. They Say It Enforces Closet And Better Relationship – Lies (Just For Only Married Men And Women)

10. They Say When You Don’t Have $ex You Get Weak And Cannot Perform Well –  Lies

11. $exual Experience Would Help People When They Are Doing It Right – Lies

12. They Say Because Everyone Is Doing It, It’s Right – Lies

13. $ex For Young Girls Help Their Development – Lies

14. They Say If You Don’t Start Having $ex Early, You Would Have Problems During Child Birth – Lies

15. The Say Having $ex With A Man Would Enhance His Love For You – Lies

16. They Say The Best Way To Appreciate A Man That Has Been Nice To You Is Through $ex – Lies

17. They Say Since We Have Promised To Get Married www.GIDIBEST.com.ng To Each Other And Our Parents And Families Are Aware Of Our Relationship We Can Have $ex – Lies

18. They Say Man Hate Virgins – Lies

19. They Say You Can Have $ex And Ask For Forgiveness – Lies (For Every Action You Take Has A Consequence)

20. They Say Ladies Who Don’t Have $ex Don’t Look Beautiful And Attractive – Lies


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