20 Quick “Guy Style” Tips

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1. Too much jewelry screams vulgarity; lose the ‘bling’.

2. Stout, stocky men should avoid wearing heavy fabrics.

3. Thin guys should wear heavy fabrics to appear larger.

4. Short men should try wearing vertical stripes to look taller.

5. If you plan on wearing a single color in an outfit, always mix multiple tones of the same hue to avoid looking monochromatic.

6. Don’t wear demin jackets with demin jeans.

7. Don’t load your suit pockets with cell phones, MP3 players and keys; they’ll spoil the line of the jacket.

8. Socks and sandals are never a good pairing.

9. Less is more: don’t drown yourself in body sprays.

10. Your feet swell during the day, and are biggest in the afternoon or early evening. You should buy footwear late in the day for the best fit.

11. You’re not a child anymore, so you don’t need to leave the extra ‘growing room’ at the top of your shoes.

12. Short men shouldn’t wear super-wide ties; they’ll appear disproportionately big.

13. Just say no to crocs.

14. Socks should ideally match your trousers.

15. Your tie should sit on your belt line, not miles above or below it.

16. Pull up your pants! 1

7. Need a tux? Then it’s a white shirt every time. It’s called a ‘classic’ look for a reason.

18. No spandex at the gym. Ever!

19. You can spend thousands on top-name designer garments, but if the fit isn’t right you’re going to look cheap.

20. Just say no to branding logos; repeat after me, “I am not a billboard”.

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