4TH OF JULY: Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Katy Perry and More Stars Who’ve Proved to Be Fourth of July Queens

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Fourth of July
It’s that time again—America’s birthday. You know what that means? Lots of flag headbands, denim cut-offs and grillin’ out.

While you’re running to American Apparel for some last minute red, white and blue, celebs are doing it bigger (and probably better).

Might as well pack up your fireworks, because these stars have is schooled all of us on all things Fourth of July. Take a look to see who to keep an eye out for come Monday, as they have proven time and time again, they are the Queens of Patriotism.

taylor swift

1. Taylor Swift: Yes, she tops another list, but honestly, she deserves this one. She’s always done this holiday in a big way, but after last year, the winner of all things patriotic is hands-down T-Swift.

There were flag onesies, piggyback rides, two-thirds of the Jonas Brothers, excruciatingly orchestrated squad photos, those super trendy swan floats, epic water slides and that boyfriend of yester-year, Calvin Harris.

Oh, and of course, lots of seer sucker and collared-shirts. This was peak time of preppy Taylor—and while we thought we had lost Prepster Tay due to that whole “grunge misunderstanding,” we expect she will make an appearance again at this year’s festivities due to Hiddleswift.

Grab your Ray Bans and high-waisted bikinis and let’s do this!


Beyoncé, Instagram
2. Beyoncé: Even if she moved to Europe and never acknowledged the holiday again—she’d still manage to find her way on the list. She’s the Queen B, after all.

Beyoncé comes in at No. 2 because have you ever seen a person make patriotism look so damn easy-breezy? We didn’t think so.

That flag is so natural with Bey, whether she’s casually standing in jean shorts with the stars and stripes in the background, or draping the flag on her body. While every 20-something-year-old girl will be rocking flag denim cut-offs this weekend, Bey does it right. It’s like she was born in those shorts.

If we can sum up Bey’s Fourth of July in one word—effortless.


Kate Hudson Instagram
3. Kate Hudson: Bedhead, PJs and belting out the National Anthem. If you didn’t know Kate Hudson could sing, press play and prepare for chills. CHILLS PEOPLE. She’s just effing fun—even at 7 a.m. And what do we think is in that mug? This is what pride looks like.

Watch for yourself:

Miley Cyrus
4. Miley Cyrus: While practically every other female on the planet wears their way-too-predictabe Fourth of July gear, Miley comes out with something that you’d never expect. Say what you want about her, but girl does not succumb to trendy little numbers. She goes all out. As we all know, she can’t be tamed—and why should anyone be on Fourth of July?


Katy Perry
5. Katy Perry: Katy Perry is No. 5 because she’s doing the red, white and blue for the 364 other days that we’re all slackin’. For KP, patriotism is a way of life, not an Insta pic on one weekend a year #MERICA.


Sofia Vergara:  Not a lot to report here. Bottom line: Sofia spends her fourth of Julys watching this fine man in a tank make her a slab of red meat. If this isn’t the American Dream, then buy me a one-way ticket outta here.

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