7 Signs He Definitely Want To Have S3x With You

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Don’t get caught with your P@nts down when she isn’t planning on taking hers off. Find out if she’s down to get in bed before you try any funny stuff!

Women are complicated in so many ways, but sending mixed signals is one of the most baffling things that they are capable of. A lot of men are caught unawares because women can surprise them by initiating the first move or rejecting any of his moves altogether.
It’s not their fault. Women are biologically enticing. They emit pheromones that can make any generic male specimen long for their touch. The problem is that women are not always interested in s*x.

It may come off that way because they seem beguiling and seductive, but that’s just them being who they are. Not all of them are out to tease you. They are just exuding their feminine wiles because it’s natural.

If you really want to sleep with them, you need to know if they are ready and willing. If not, you’ll end up asking for something that they’re not planning on giving. It will be very disappointing – not to mention humiliating – if you did try to have s*x with a woman and ended up being rejected on the spot.

Why  she wont sleep with you?
Women will refuse to sleep with you because of various reasons, including but not limited to their level of attraction to you, their interest in s*x altogether, and their principles and ideals. So what are the common reasons she won’t hop into bed with you?

Here are a few.

1 She’s on her period.
You saw it coming, but you didn’t expect it to be that blunt. Most women will refuse s*x when they are on their period.

Some may concede and allow it, but that usually applies to women who are in relationships or who just plainly enjoy period s*x.

2 She doesn’t like you.
It’s the most plausible reason out there. You can’t force someone to sleep with you if they aren’t attracted to you. The date may have gone well, but you never know what a woman is thinking until you realize that you won’t be getting a second date.

3 She’s waiting for the right person.
It could be you, but not at the moment. Some women need more time to decide whether they are ready to give up their body to you. It’s possible they could be waiting for someone they’re certain that they’re in love with.

4 She’s saving herself for marriage.
Don’t laugh at the idea just because a huge percentage of women have given up on the concept altogether. A lot of girls are still sticking to the traditional path of saving themselves for their husband.

If you really want her, then respect her decision and wait and see if you’ll end up together in the future.

5 She’s not in the mood.
If you thought that was just an excuse that women concocted in an exclusive secret society while the men were out hunting… think again! Just like when a man fails to get an erection, a woman may sometimes fail to get in the mood for s*x.

6 She forgot to shave.
You’d be surprised at how many women reject s*x because they forgot to trim down there. Appearances have become so important these days that even the intimate act of making love has become a beauty pageant of sorts.

7 She’s wearing granny P@nties.
It’s either laundry day or she’s trying to control herself from jumping you on the first date. Either way, the fact that she voluntarily wore that pair means that she isn’t planning on sleeping with you, at least not tonight

A woman wants to sleep with you if…
Whatever the reason may be, you can relax in knowing that you won’t have to second-guess yourself if you know her motives for the evening. Will she sleep with you or not? Here are the signs that she is ready to get the deed done.

1 She touches you in intimate places.
Hold up. I’m not saying that a woman will immediately grab your groin when the moment presents itself!

However, a woman can show that she is interested in taking your relationship to the next level if she openly touches uncommon areas of contact like your ears, neck, thighs, your torso or your feet.

The last one’s touched using her own feet, of course.

2 She licks her lips over and over.
It could be a provocative plea that she is voluntarily doing or it may be a reflex reaction to the thoughts that she is currently having about you.

Not only is it seductive, but it’s a pretty good sign that she may be open to sleeping with you if you just ask.

3 She keeps mentioning s*x.
A woman will never mention s*x on her own accord unless she is willing to put it on the table.

By casually mentioning it in the conversation, she may be subtly saying that she is open to having s*x at some point while you’re dating.

4 She wore an uncharacteristically provocative outfit on your date.
Any woman has the right to wear whatever she wants. If she wants to go Un.clad on your date because it’s her usual thing, it doesn’t immediately mean that she’s willing to sleep with you right then and there.
If, however, she usually dresses conservatively then suddenly wears a tiny red dress with a plunging neckline, she is probably starting to entertain the idea of hopping into bed with you.

5 She invites you inside her place.
It’s highly possible that this is her way of saying that she’s ready to sleep with you. Women usually leave it to the guy to ask if they can come up to their place and promptly reject them if they don’t feel like sleeping with the guy.

If they invited the guy themselves, it is usually an acknowledgement of their plans to finally seal the deal. Just remember that you may only get a make-out session or a glass of wine for your troubles if it pleases her.

6 She seems a little too enthusiastic about your good-night kiss.
A passionate make-out session at her doorstep could serve as your opening. Not only is she in the mood, but it seems like she is ready to eat you up before you even get through the bedroom door.
Do her the courtesy of asking if she’s interested and take her to a bed where you can provide her needs privately – that is unless she wants to do it in public.
7 She seems turned on by a lot of things.
If she sounds more sensual than usual, you can bet that she’s ready for an intimate night with you. You can hear the ecstasy in someone’s voice when they are turned on and can see it in the way they move.

Her skin will feel really warm and her pupils will be dilated. Don’t ask to give her physical exam, but do pay attention to her the whole night.

Yes, a woman may seem ready for s*x; however, you should not presume that it’s a done deal even with the signs we’ve mentioned. It’s better to feel for the moment and ask when the timing is right.
It’s okay if they don’t feel like it. You might have another chance in the future if you treat her right and don’t push her to rush.

Once you know that a woman is ready to have s*x with you, asking her won’t seem like such a daunting task. You will feel more comfortable knowing that the chances of her agreeing will be higher once these signs become obvious.

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