8 most expensive Cities in the World

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Are you thinking of going on a tour to different Countries, here are some Countries to watch out for as they have been ranked the top 8 Most expensive Cities in the World
8.(tie) Los Angeles (Rank movement, up 19 places) Los Angeles has leaped 19 places to become the world’s joint eighth most expensive city in the economist intelligence unit’s latest survey.
Los Angeles has leaped 19 places to become the world's joint eighth most expensive city in the <a href="http://www.eiu.com/" target="_blank">Economist Intelligence Unit</a>'s latest Worldwide Cost of Living survey.

8.(tie.) Seoul South Korea

Los Angeles ties in eighth position with Seoul and Copenhagen. The report notes that clothing and utility costs are particularly high in the South Korean capital.

8. (tie) Copenhagen, Denmark

The most expensive European cities include Zurich, Geneva, Copenhagen and London. The EIU suggests that this might might reflect that "non-eurozone cities have become pricier in relation to their neighbours."

7. New York, United state of Africa

New York has climbed 42 places in the rankings in the last five years. However, the report attributes this to "currency headwinds rather than significant local price rises."

6. London (United Kingdom)

London has its highest ranking in almost a decade. It's the most expensive city in the top 10 for cigarettes. A pack of 20 costs $14.30.

5. Paris (France).. Although hanging out spot and parks and quite cheap in Paris, but the average price of Table Wine in Paris cost over $10

Although hanging out with friends by a park is a much cheaper option than hitting the museums or wine bars, the average price of table wine in Paris has dropped by $1.56. It's now $10.71 -- cheaper than London and New York.

4. Geneva, Switzerland

A couple of years ago, Geneva was the only European city in the top 10 where a liter of unleaded gasoline cost less than $2. Now oil prices have dropped globally, and is most expensive in Hong Kong, at $1.76 per liter.

3. Hong Kong.. Here, a kilo of bread cost $4.36

A 1-kilo loaf of bread costs $4.36 on average in Hong Kong, compared with $3.23 in Copenhagen and $12.44 in Seoul.

2. Zurich, SwitzerlandEuropean cities make up half of the top-10 list, while this year a weakened Australian dollar pushed Sydney and Melbourne down to 20th and 21st place.

1. Singapore. The state has  few natural resources. Its dependence on other countries for water and energy pushes up utitlity bills and entitlement makes things like car ownership very expensive

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