8 Simple Ways To Make People Respect You

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Everyone deserves respect but usually, some people may still choose to disrespect you.

Here are tips you can use to make people respect you:

1. Respect yourself
If all you do is complain about everything and talk negatively about yourself, no one will respect you. Do things that portray you as a respectable person and others will respect you.

2. Respect others
You cannot expect other people to respect you if you do not respect them. Treat everyone with respect regardless of their ethnic background, age or social status. They will automatically reciprocate.

3. Stand by your beliefs
We all have different beliefs and opinions and we are entitled to them. If you stand by your beliefs without pushing anyone to be on your side or judging those who do not agree with you, they will respect you. Also, do not be the type that is easily swayed to compromise on what you believe.

4. Set boundaries
Even those who are close to you can disrespect you or use you. If you feel like they are making you a doormat, do not be afraid to let them know how you feel. Distance yourself from anyone who disrespects you and they will soon respect you for who you are.

5. Don’t always be nice
It’s not possible to be nice at all times. If you are only being nice to people because you fear rejection, they will never respect you. If the situation you are in does not allow you to be nice, don’t be nice just to please people. When you are too nice, people tend to take advantage of you and use you instead of appreciating.

6. Keep promises
Honor your commitments and promises and people will respect you. If you have a problem with keeping your promises, it could be that you make promises that are beyond your reach. Only commit yourself to what you are sure of fulfilling.

7. Don’t brag
No one wants to be associated with a person who is always boasting of their achievements without listening to others. If we are keen, we can learn so much simply from listening. By listening to someone, it shows you respect them and they will also respect you back.

8. Moral uprightness
Be kind, generous, offer a helping hand and do what is right. If people know you for all the wrong things such as office gossip, lies, being corrupt and carelessness, they will never respect you.

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