Barack Obama fires back : Trump is wacky and speaks contradictory or uninformed ideas

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US President Barack Obama has reiterated his belief that Donald Trump is unfit to assume the highest office in the land saying he always talks about policies he can’t implement and dishes out wacky, contradictory or uninformed ideas.

His statements come after Donald Trump criticized him saying Russia’s Putin was a better leader than he was.

“People start thinking behavior that in normal times we would consider completely unacceptable and outrageous becomes normalized,” Obama said on Thursday during a news conference at the tail end of his visit to Laos. People start thinking that we should be grading on a curve,” he said.

“But I can tell you from the interactions I have had over the last eight or nine days with foreign leaders that this is serious business. You actually have to know what you are talking about and you actually have to have done your homework, When you speak, it should actually reflect thought-out policy you can implement.”

Obama said last month that Trump was unqualified to succeed him as commander in chief, and reiterated his view Thursday.

“Every time he speaks that opinion is confirmed,” Obama said. I think the most important thing for the public and the press is to just listen to what he says and follow-up and ask questions about what appear to be either contradictory or uninformed or outright wacky ideas.”

Obama insisted his plan to close the naval prison at Guantanamo Bay could be accomplished before he leaves office in January, despite a resistant from the Congress.

“I expect to work very hard over the next four and a half months, I continue to believe Guantanamo is a recruitment tool for terrorism.There is no doubt that because of the politics in Congress right now, it is a tough road to hoe,” Obama conceded Thursday. “

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