#BBNaija: Day 33 – It’s Efe’s Birthday!, ThinTallTony & Tboss get Cozy + Bally & Tboss Get in an Explosive Arguement

Did you watch Day 33 of the Big Brother Reality TV show?

If you missed it we’ve got the highlights for you!


ThinTallTony moves in on Tboss

During the Dark Shower Task earlier this week TBoss and TTT shared a shower together after getting drenched in all manner of smelly mess. TBoss decided to take her top off for some reason setting tongues wagging everywhere. It might be safe to say that TTT liked what he saw too.

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After getting a little liquor in his system he made the first of many bold moves flirting intensely with TBoss while he knelt in the jacuzzi. He pleaded with her to tell him what she thought of her boobs before asking to have another look at them and saying he wanted to “suck on them”.

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Shocked by his revelation TBoss immediately walked off blushing and TTT had to call after her and promise to behave. That turned out to be a lie because once she was back the conversation turned to kissing as the resident playboy begged TBoss to make out with him. She refused but settled for a hug instead before playfully stroking his hair.

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Earlier this morning TTT picked up right where he left off hopping into bed with TBoss and tickling her tummy as she giggled and asked him to “go away” but he just wouldn’t leave. He started begging for a kiss again, as they lay under the sheets cuddling and even gave her a foot massage. Before long the conversation had gone steamy as he interrogated her about what her weak spots were.

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This all happened in full view of Bisola who not only seemed unphased but even joined in when TBoss started biting TTT. Add to this the fact that Bisola inexplicably declared that she had a “plan” for TBoss yesterday and things start to look fishy.

A special treat for the birthday boy Efe

Biggie called Kemen to the Dairy Room to let him know that there was a special delivery for the birthday boy waiting in the store room! It turned out to be a giant cake and he promptly organized everyone in the House so they could distract Efe in order to get it into the kitchen.

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First in line was TBoss who grabbed Efe while he was walking through the closet and demanded that he sniff her armpit immediately! Efe looked both amused and confused as he tried to wrestle his way out of her grasp to no avail! He finally complied and said it smelt nice even though TBoss hadn’t showered.

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Next up were Bisola and Bassey who grabbed him from behind and told him they were going to dump ice water on him once they got to the kitchen. Efe protested and at one point they even tried to pick him up. After a long struggle they finally made it to the dining table and when Efe turned around he realised he’d been pranked! Everyone screamed “Happy Birthday” and Bally yelled “Is it my fault?” to much laughter right before singing for him a second time! Efe was all smiles and noted what a privilege it was to celebrate his birthday in the House then he thanked everyone for making his day special!

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The Housemates then tucked into Biggie’s tasty treat before heading out to the jacuzzi to sit down and chill in the pouring rain.

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Biggies Special Reward

When Biggie rewards, he aims to please.

This evening, Bisola, ThinTallTony, and Ese were rewarded with a Nigerian delicacy, Nkwobi.

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Bisola was rewarded for winning the Name The Legend Game, ThinTallTony for winning the Friday Night Area Games and Ese for being chosen by ThintallTony to share his prize with.

Nkwobi is cooked cow hooves, mixed in spicy palm oil paste.

HoH Kemen delivered Biggie’s message to the Housemates. “Housemates the  Oleku Party is a special one. Big Brother has ensured that everything is in order and all you have to do is to show up looking good.  Bisola, ThinTallTony, and Ese, please step aside. In the Store Room, you will find three plates of Nkwobi, as your reward,”

Immediately after Kemen delivered the message, the Housemates yelled in excitement and headed straight to the Store Room.

“How are we going to share it,” Ese wondered, as it was quite clear to all of them that all the Housemates wanted a taste of the delicious meal. As if to respond to her question, plates were handed around and the Housemates dished up and dug in.

“Thank you Big Brother,” they shouted, as they all sat around the kitchen counter.

Bally Loses his cool

Tempers flared in the House, just as the Housemates were getting ready for the Saturday Night Party.

Bally and TBoss were the source of the commotion. The issue: cleanliness!

Just as some of the Housemates were getting up to get dressed for the party, they heard a loud noise coming from upstairs. “Is that a fight?” wondered HoH Kemen, before they all quickly rushed upstairs, where they found TBoss and Bally locked in a heated argument. It was a matter of he said, she said.

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“He’s calling me stupid,” said TBoss when HoH Kemen asked what the commotion was about. “You called me stupid and foolish too,” Bally chipped in.

“I went into the toilet and found it wasn’t clean, after Bally used it. I called him and asked him to go flush the toilet. He said he flushed. But I went back and found that it wasn’t. I asked him again because it was still messy and I can’t use it. I’m constantly flushing the toilet after people. I never call people stupid,” TBoss explained

Next thing, Uriel got worked up by Kemen, as they were all trying to calm down TBoss and Bally, who were still going back and forth with their argument.  At this point, the House was momentarily sent into chaos. However, Kemen stepped up and reasoned with his fellow Housemates, reminding them that mutual respect was important at all times.

Bally went down stairs, followed closely by Efe, Bassey, and Kemen, who were all still trying to calm him down. Once he seemed a bit calm, birthday boy Efe was heard joking with him saying, “Bally, don’t spoil my birthday!”

The House soon went back to “normal” after everyone had calmed down. They were then prompted to go into the Arena, where they found the Saxokay Band playing a “Happy Birthday” song for the birthday boy, Efe.

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