BBNaija Season 8: Ilebaye becomes All Stars Final HoH; Cross, CeeC and Mercy Book Spot in Finale

Gen Z baddie, Ilebaye became this week’s HoH, moving straight into the All Stars finale.
After over two hours of a grueling HoH challenge, Pere then Angel gave up on the endurance task and Ilebaye took the HoH title all the way to the finale, picking all the girls:  Angel, Ceec, Mercy Eke and Venita as her BFFs to enjoy the comfort of the HoH mezzanine.
It’s a ‘Cross and the girls’ kind of finale so far as black envelope immunity claimant Ceec, head of house Ilebaye and Mercy Eke snatched the highly coveted spots. Mercy Eke earned her seat after nominations as she received only one nomination from Soma and that was not enough to place her on the chopping block.

Meanwhile, Angel, Adekunle, Pere, Soma and Venita all got two or more nominations after each of the nine All Stars were challenged to put up two housemates for possible eviction and this time around, state their reasons why. Their reasons ranged from emotional to logical and betrayal and suspicions of it thereof and how strong their contenders appear to be proved to be quite common.

The final black envelope game also took a different twist as it was held in the arena and the housemates had to rummage through heaps of clothes and other periphenalia to find a total of five black envelopes. Adekunle, Angel, Ceec, Pere and Soma all managed to find the black envelopes but Ceec was the luckiest of them all.


Watch the All Stars final nomination


This is how the All Stars nominated this week (in order of appearance)

Housemate Nominations
Finalist Ceec Adekunle, Soma
Adekunle Soma and Angel
Pere Adekunle and Venita
Angel Adekunle and Venita
Finalist Cross Angel and Soma
Venita Soma and Pere
Soma Mercy and Pere
Mercy Eke Angel and Venita
HoH Ilebaye Angel and Soma

The game has gotten tighter, which All Star will leave this Sunday?

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