Chris Wood Joins Supergirl Season 2 as ‘Surprise’ Series Regular.

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It’s safe to say someone over at The CW is a big  Chris Wood fan.

Chris Wood Supergirl

The veteran of Vampire Diaries, Carrie Diaries and, most recently, Containment, is joining Supergirl  in a series-regular role that’s shrouded in secrecy, TVLine has learned exclusively. All that we know is that the actor will be playing a surprise DC Comics character, and that he’ll make his debut early into the series’ second season.

Supergirl has made a number of significant casting moves as it transitions from CBS to The CW, most notably tapping Teen Wolf‘s Tyler Hoechlin to guest-star as Superman. Other key hires include erstwhile Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, as president of Supergirl‘s United States, Cougar Town alum Ian Gomez as Snapper Carr, a journalist appointed by Cat (Calista Flockhart) to serve as the editor-in-chief of CatCo Magazine, and Floriana Lima (The Family) as gay Metropolis Special Crimes Unit captain Maggie Sawyer.

Wood, meanwhile, recently landed a recurring role in the second season of PBS’ Civil War drama Mercy Street. He’ll play Lance Van Der Berg, a handsome Union captain lodging at the Green home, where he strikes up a budding romance with AnnaSophia Robb’s Alice.

Supergirl Season 2 premieres Monday, Oct. 10 at 8/7c.

5 thoughts on “Chris Wood Joins Supergirl Season 2 as ‘Surprise’ Series Regular.

  1. If Supergirl’s universe is merging with the Flarrowverse, Berlanti will want to introduce some new superheroes to operate in National City. Since they are so overtly *not* naming Wood’s character, my guess is that is what he will be.
    Maybe he’s Green Lantern? I would think any of the Teen Titans would be out as Kara is in her mid-twenties and would not fit within the parameters of that group. Maybe another, not as CGI-heavy a character as GL? How about someone from the bottled city of Kandor or from Kara’s home town, Argo City (which was domed and catapulted into the vastness of space in the comics)?
    Someone had to have been in that pod that landed in the finale. And, it was Kryptonian.
    If it wasn’t someone else, then, with the merging of universes, maybe it was Kara arriving later and, because of the merging of the universes, there is now two of them and one will become Power Girl?
    And, who is Chris portraying?

  2. I love Tyler, but would have seen Chris more as Clark/Supes. But glad he is on the show as a regular.

  3. Yay one of the most talented young actors ( and handsome wholesome etc lol) has finally landed a yummy role as a regular. He deserves it after a mix of short lived roles as Kai Parker on TVD and Jake Riley on Containment. Not a SG fan or viewer but will be coming October. Just hope it is as a nice guy

  4. So glad to have more Chris Wood on my TV. He was my first choice to be cast as Clark on Supergirl, but I’m happy he’ll be a regular at least.

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