Cool FM Freeze agrees he had issues with his boss

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Freeze of CoolFM

Cool Fm OAP Freeze has opened up on what transpired between him and his boss, calls it family affair – Freeze agrees they had a misunderstanding whic he termed internal crisis – The celebrated OAP was rumoured sacked on Saturday, August 28, 2016 by his employers of 15 years Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Freeze of CoolFM Cool FM on-air-personality Freeze has finally open up for the first time on his rumoured sack by his boss, the CEO of AIM Group Amin Mousalli on Saturday, August 28, 2016.

The news of his sack surfaced on social media which he tried to deny but according to the OAP it was all a family affair. He said: “Rumours started flying around on Saturday when some bloggers were trying to get an audience, came up with all sorts of stuffs, many of them malicious and most of them untruths.” Daddy Freeze while confirming his sack and recall pointed to the microphone in front of him to show that he was sitting within Cool FM Studios, then he continued, “Cool FM might look like entertainment but it is a corporate organisation, and there are times when my boss will disagree with me. But I don’t see my boss as a boss.

My boss is my father.” The popular media personality, famous for taking people’s private affair to the public, said his sack ‘was not a business of the world’. “This is my first post-school job. I came here when I was 25, I am 40 years old now. I have been here 15 years! We are a family. some blogger called me up first thing on Saturday morning and I was like look we have internal issue. t’s not the business of the world. If there is an issue I will come out with an official statement. I cannot be without a job and still be acting like I have a job.Let there be an official statement to it.”

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