Could the menopause be reversed? Yes it has been done

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Scientists in Greece have successfully reversed the menopause for the first time, the New Scientist magazine reports.

In trials carried out the scientists were able to “rejuvenate” women’s ovaries using a blood treatment normally used to help wounds heal faster, which could restart egg production.

One woman who responded well to the treatment was 40-years-old and had undergone the menopause five years previously.

The menopause can occur at a much earlier age for many women, often triggered by chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments, it adds.

Jessica Hamzelou a biomedical reporter at the New Scientist told BBC Focus on Africa radio, that the findings could benefit women who experienced early menopause and wanted to have children.

It would also benefit older women who wanted to avoid some of the unpleasant symptoms associated with the menopause like hot flushes, she added.

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