Donald’s Rump: Many Laugh At Naked Statues Of Republican Candidate

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Life-sized models of the barenaked candidate pop up in five US cities – with New York’s mayor calling the stunt “frightening”.

With no clothes and his hands resting on a bulging waistline, this is Donald Trump as he has never been seen before.

Five naked statues of the US presidential candidate caused a stir when they popped up in cities across the US, drawing in large crowds of people.

In New York City’s Union Square Park dozens of people gathered to take pictures, with many laughing as they posed for for selfies with the effigy before park staff were ordered to remove it.

Footage shows a crowd of people loudly booing as the figure is ripped from its metal stand.

The New York City Department of Parks and Recreation later issued a playful statement explaining its decision.

See pictures below:

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