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“Her Spy’s Harmed” doesn’t waste any time getting to what we all want to know: Did Reade really kill Coach Jones at then end of last week’s episode? And what was on that tape with his name on it? He certainly had the motive to do it, and if the tape was evidence of any abuse, it might have pushed him over the edge. Still, Reade’s ultimately a good dude, right? He’d never do that.

So, when Zapata comes in the room and Reade insists that he didn’t kill Jones, that he came up from the basement after hearing a noise and found his former coach like that, she believes him. She trusts that her friend isn’t hiding anything from her. They take off just as the neighborhood security shows up, but there’s one problem: Reade’s tape, which he didn’t watch, is still in the VCR, which means that when Jones’ body is discovered the police will eventually come looking for Reade.




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