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What’s coming on Quantico season 3 episode 9? If there’s two words we could say in advance, they are as follows: “Buckle up.” Be prepared for one of the most dangerous and emotional episodes of the season. On the surface, it appears to be very much centered around Shelby as many other characters do what they can in order to protect her. However, in the process of doing this it’s very well possible that she could run into some unexpected consequences along the way.

Given that we are now entering the home stretch of the season with only a small handful of episodes to go, you almost have to prepare for possible death the rest of the season.

Quantico season 3 episode 8

Is there any character we’re especially nervous for of the group? Basically, at this point we’d say almost anyone other than Alex. Given that there are still a handful of episodes still to go this season, it’s hard to imagine the series end without having Priyanka Chopra around. As for everyone else, though, it feels fair to assume that there are going to be many different characters in danger or even gone by the series finale. We’re preparing for that and we’ll just have to see what happens from there. If Quantico is going to end its run on TV this summer, we have a pretty good feeling that they are going to try to leave everything out there on the metaphorical field. If you are going to end, you might as well end big.   Click here if you missed episode 8






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