Download the 100 Season 5, Episode 12

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Download the 100 Season 5, Episode 12 below.. first, a littlest recap…


Several characters remain on death’s door this episode of The 100 — and your reaction to those victims partially depends on how closely you’ve been following casting news about the actors on this show.


The first half of the Season 5 finale picked up right where last week’s episode left off, with Octavia leading her army directly into enemy fire. As soon as McCreary’s crew launched its assault, it was absolute madness. Bullets started flying everywhere. Bodies of people whose names I will never know began piling up. And, of course, the Blake siblings pointed their fingers at one another.
After discovering that surrender was met with instant death (color me shocked that McCreary went back on his word!), Bellamy and Octavia resorted to hiding among the corpses until they could sneak away under the cover of night. It was during that moonlit escape that they discovered a wounded Indra and a far-more-wounded Gaia. As she clung to life in her mother’s arms, Gaia uttered the phrase that finally gave Octavia the wake-up call she needed: “Wonkru is broken.” After that, Octavia was willing to sacrifice herself to save them all.


Donwload below




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